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devcoin_icon_marticpsYou might have come across various websites that claim you can make extra money doing simple tasks like stuffing envelopes or writing articles. If you are one who has attempted to earn money with them, you probably quickly found out that they were mostly scams. I might have even tried some of those a few years ago and was never paid a dime for my troubles.

So, is it really possible for anyone to make money just by writing? The answer is yes, there are sites such as Fiverr and Odesk that allow freelance writers a way to make some extra income. The problem with these sites you could be the best writer in the world but never gain any traction on these sites because nobody really trusts that you will deliver what you say you will.

These are the reasons why I really like writing for Devtome. I will try and lay out the steps below on how anyone, from anywhere in the world can earn extra money writing on the Devtome Wiki and earn Devcoins as payment. You will never be paid in cash for your work, but you can trade your Devcoins for Bitcoins or other alt-coins at the exchanges (such as Vircurex) and either spend them or cash out though a service like Coinbase. It might sound a little complicated but it is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

What are Devcoins?

Devcoins are a mined ethically inspired cryptocurrency that is very similar to Bitcoin. It has been around since 2011 and its value can be found on cryptocurrency sites such as The key difference between Devcoin and Bitcoin (besides popularity) is that 90% of all Devcoins mined are earmarked to people who do various tasks (such as writing) on the Devcoin open source wiki called Devtome or develop various other open source items and collect a bounty for their efforts.

What is Devtome?

Devtome is the official open source wiki for Devcoin. The content of Devtome is 100% supplied by contributors who are then rewarded with Devcoins for their content. Devtome also offers several bounties for those with a bit of tech savvy who can code things such as an open source Android Devcoin wallet. The market capitalization for Devcoin is low at this time but in the future there are plans for devcoins to help encourage people to develop large open source projects and reward them with bounties if they wish to claim them.

Get started writing on Devtome

Everything below is also found on the step-by-step instructions for writing on Devtome. There is a little bit of information to take in so it is probably best to read through it a couple of times. You will get paid in Devcoins based on which round your article was written and how many words you wrote in total for the Wiki. It might sound a little complicated, but it really isn’t as difficult as it seems.

1. You need to download a Devcoin client (wallet) to your computer that can receive generated shares. This is the Devcoin address that your earnings will be sent to at the end of each round. I can’t stress this enough.  You must have a downloaded wallet on your computer if you want to receive your earned Devcoins. Other websites such as CEX.IO and Vircurex will give you an online wallet once you sign up, but these will not work to recieve generated shares from people or pools mining them.

2.  You need to join the Bitcoin forum and earn the right to send private messages by posting in the Newbies section. Once you have the right to send private messages, you are going to have to contact one of the admins for Devtome. You should also send them your desired user name. You will be given a generic password that you can change later.

Send a private message on the Bitcoin forum to the Devtome admin person based on what your last name is.

A -  F  contact  FuzzyBear

G - O  contact  Wiser

P - Z   contact Dinkleberg

3. Once you have been approved for writing on Devtome, you need to log in (upper right corner) and set up your user page so that you can get credit for your writing.  I have posted a portion of my user page below.



*[[:Bud_And_Daisy_A_Love_Story]] - Source :

*[[:Lake_Georgetown_in_Georgetown_Texas]] Source :

*[[:Collecting_Sports_Cards]] - Source : First published on Devtome

*[[:My_very_own_Candy_Crush_saga]] - Source : First published on Devtome

*[[:In_Defense_Of_Walmart]] - Source : First published on Devtome

*[[:paleo_diet_basics_and_recipes]] - Source : First published on Devtome

*[[:Peer_to_Peer_Lending_Idea]] - Source : First published on Devtome

*[[:Are_there_viable_alternatives_to_ebay]] - Source : First published on Devtome

4. Once your user area is setup, it is time to start writing. You first need to claim the root namespace of the article or else it will not be counted.

Read the criteria for collated and original work before you post your article.  Remember that all articles posted on Devtome are now covered under a Creative Common Attribution-ShareALike License and can be used by anyone as open source material.

The simplest way to claim the root namespace is to click on any article on Devtome, go to the URL and change it to what your article name is going to be.

Example :

If you want to name your article Easy Ways To Fix A Flat Tire, it would look like.


Afterward you will be taken to a screen that says the following…

This topic does not exist yet

You've followed a link to a topic that doesn't exist yet. If permissions allow, you may create it by clicking on “Create this page”.


You then need to claim the page by clicking on the “Create this page” tab at the top. Now you can enter your article with proper Wiki Syntax. It is a good idea to look at several articles on the site and see how they were edited. You can’t use the same editing practices as you would on a normal blog post.

Once you have entered your article, put it in a category at the bottom. The easiest way to do this would be to click the edit button on other articles and see what they have done and copy it.

Please take note, you should never edit anyone’s article but your own unless you can improve  it. The only exception to this rule is the main Wiki page when you put your article link up in the most recent articles area.

Once you are completely done entering your article,  put a link to it in your user page under collated or original to get credit and also put the link on the main Wiki page in the “most recent” section.

The meat of the potatoes

It might sound a little difficult to get started writing on Devtome and you will probably have some questions. Once you get through posting your first article, the others will be a snap and you will be a regular contributor in no time. There were 36 people (including myself) in round 31 earning Devcoins.  If you have questions, please ask in the comments below or just throw a general question to the forum on the official Devcoin thread on the Bitcoin forum. Someone will gladly answer any questions that you have about Devtome, Devcoins or how to post an article on Devtome.

 Extra Gravy

If you want to get some free Devcoins without doing much at all, just put in your Devcoin wallet address on this Devcoin Faucet site. You can get 5 Devcoins sent to your wallet address per round, and can do it several times a day if you wish.

If you don’t want to download a wallet but still want to receive free devcoins with the faucet, please open an account with CEX.IO or Vircurex and copy and paste your Devcoin address into the “Your Devcoin Address Here” field on the faucet site.

Please remember that Devcoin is DVC and shouldn’t be confused with any other coin. Devcoins can only be sent to a Devcoin address.


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Hello, my name is Zimmy (I am the one on the left) and I will be one of the resident bloggers on, I would like to introduce myself. I am a married father of two and live in a modest house in the great state of Texas. We have a great need in our household to manage our income wisely because only one of us can work full time due to both of our kids having special needs. Over the years I have been called “cheap” and a little “frugal” by my wife and I have to say I resemble those remarks.


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