Help Wanted : Interview Tips for the Millennial Job Hunters

Job hunters There is a group of people referred to as Millennials (more commonly known as Gen Y) who, through the heavy influence of social media, have apparently not learned how to successfully navigate a simple job interview. Actual face to face human interaction can be difficult for people who have entire relationships online. This would imply that since they may not be able to earn a decent living, they will also fail to feed, clothe and house themselves without family or government assistance.

In a recent article, USA Today stated:

Many college grads lack interview skills. They take calls, text and sometimes bring their parents or pets to interviews. HR execs blame a coddled generation weaned on smartphones and social media.

We at M&P feel it is our obligation to advise Millennials on how to put down those social media devices and interact with real people in hopes of aiding them in their quest to move out of Mom's basement once and for all.

-Do not be the butt of a water cooler joke by bombing an interview so badly that they rename it as pulling a (insert your name here). Follow these steps instead!

- Do not show up an hour late and blame the universe for your tardiness. You should always leave for an interview early so that you are never rushed to get there on time. Your chances of getting hired decreases greatly by showing up 1 or 2 minutes late to your interview.

- Do not talk on your cell phone or text anyone during the interview. Duh! Remember that if you decide to take a phone call or return a text message during your actual interview, your chances of being hired are almost zero. If you get a call and/or text during the interview and this does not come as common sense to you, go ahead and take that call or answer that text because your are not getting hired anyway.

- Be prepared to “talk yourself up” regarding good qualities an employer might be looking for. If you have difficulty giving yourself compliments, try practicing doing this with a script and friends so that you get used to it. If you are moderately good looking female that lacks the self confidence you need to rule an interview, you should try going to your local comic book store in revealing clothing for about 60 minutes. You should get a boost in confidence by having a host of nerds follow you around the store until you decide to leave. The added boost in confidence should carry over to the interview.

- If you come with a friend or a parent to the interview, be sure that they wait outside in the car and not inside waiting with you. Do not give your potential employer the perception that you cannot do things by yourself or that your mommy still has to wipe your butt for you. If you insist on bringing a friend or parent to the interview anyway, you should probably just stay at home and play Modern Combat 26 : The Battle for the Basement because that is where you are gonna live out your days.

- If you typically carry a little bitty lap dog with you in an expensive “doggie” purse every place you go, please remember to leave it at home on Interview Day. Nothing says “this interview is over” more than a one pound dog crapping on the floor and then barking at the interviewer for noticing.

- If you find yourself being attracted to the person giving you the interview, keep it to yourself. You should never compliment the looks of the person giving you an interview if you want to get hired. Of course, if you really do not mind about the job, go for it tiger!

- Do you find yourself in dire need of employment? You better not let the person doing the interview know. Chances are they have conducted many interviews in the past and can smell desperation a mile away. Mentally gather yourself before walking in and think about what you are going to say to avoid blurting out the first thing that comes to your head.

- Eat before you go. If the interview gets stressful or drags a bit, your stomach might start to inject some unwanted hunger related noises into mix. I am not saying to polish off 5 plates at an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, but eat something.

- You might love your significant other, kids, pets, etc., but the interviewer does not. Keep these descriptions short and sweet. If you inject too much personal information, it could backfire and hurt your chances of getting hired.

- Do not interrupt the person doing the interview. If you happen to do so by accident, apologize and shut it for the rest of the interview. Apologizing after the apology has been accepted will make you look timid and you will most likely not get hired. Save those apologies for the bill collectors who will be calling because you don’t have a job.

Hundreds of people might be applying for the same job that you are. You must stand out in some form or fashion. If you can’t stand out in form...remember to wear the fashion. - Unknown

We have all bombed an interview in the past. Do not let past failures dictate how you do this time. Remember to show up early, bring your resume, and wear professional clothing. Do not hit on the receptionist (no matter how cute he/she is), and answer questions to the best of your ability. And above all...always keep it professional.

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