Why I'm Trying to be More Mustachian and/or Why I Have a Man Crush on Mr. Money Mustache


Mr. Money Mustache/Mustachianism at its best


Ok. So I’m just gonna go ahead and throw this out there. I have a man crush on Mr. Money Mustache. No, it’s not because of the chiseled mustache bestowed on him by the gods of Olympus themselves. Nor is it because of his boxer like hands that punch debtors and spendthrifts in the face at the stroke of every key. It’s not because of his uncanny ability to drop a constant flow of ever-changing swear words and still be USA Today approved. And it’s not even the fact that when you look up “badassity” Mr. Money Mustache’s face is right next to it.

No, the reason I have a man crush on Mr. Money Mustache is because he is the man I want to be. He was able to use his brain and skills to think outside the box. He outsmarted the “Man” and retired decades earlier then his peers. He built up a huge community of other Mustachians following in his footsteps of turning the world upside down. He scrimped, he saved, and he broke the mold of what we are supposed to do. He said to hell with the joneses and flipped them the bird as he bicycled off into the sunset. And he did all this while having a wife, raising a child, and being environmentally and socially responsible.

This is what I want to become.

Ever since I started reading the Mr. Money Mustache blog I realized that for a most of my adult life I was very anti-mustachian. I spent well beyond my means and racked up large amounts of debt. I got trapped in the lifestyle of ever increasing consumerism.  I waved at the Joneses everyday as I went to work, and they smiled back at me, happy that I spent my money trying to match them.

Then I got my own face punch. I work for the Department of Defense and earlier this year we were told that we would be facing up to 22 days of being furloughed.  That means I wouldn’t be getting paid for almost a month out of the year. It didn’t really faze me until one evening when I sat down and actually looked at my monthly expenses.

Whoa, that can’t be right. Do I really spend this much? Do I really have that many monthly bills and obligations? Oh crap...If I get furloughed I don’t think I’ll be able to pay all this! Geeze, I’m living on the edge...one of those paycheck to paycheck people you hear about. I need to get out of this mess!

And with the realization that I indeed was one missed paycheck away from financial disaster, I resolved myself to dig myself out of the hole I found myself in.

I started with the mainstream sites like Yahoo Finance and CNN Money. And I reaffirmed what I had known for years. Those sites are crap.

No for true wisdom you must go deeper into the depths of the internet. And that’s where I found the life preserver in the sea of bad financial advice. The site that would make me see things for what they really are.

Thank you Mr. Money Mustache.

You were exactly what I needed when I needed it.

Each day I strive to be more mustachian. I’ve got a long way to go but I think I’m on my way. And one day when I hopefully get there, I’ll be sure to give mad props to the mustache that started it all.

Til then, Cheers MMM...you are my hero


Photo Credit: www.mrmoneymustache.com

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