The Potato Sack #2 : Girl Meets Shady Seller and Blog Link Roundup

The Potato Sack 2 - Girl Meets Shady Seller and Blog Link RoundupWe all need some link love at one time or another

I am going to attempt to keep up with a weekly Potato Sack link roundup that is chalked full of personal finance articles that I find interesting. I am not going to limit the articles to only those that happened during the week. Oh no. If I see an older article that needs some loving (or re-loving, whichever is the case) I am going to use it.

You have never really closed on a house until you have the keys

It does not matter how close you think you are to closing on your new house or could all fall apart at any moment. It is not truly yours until the keys are in your hands at the closing table. Unfortunately, Girl Meets Debt had to discover this harsh fact very recently.

She (Girl Meets Debt) was trying to swing moving herself and her significant other(s) out of their current apartment and into a soon to be closed on condo within a few days of each other. The problem was the seller was a little less than honest with them and the deal wasn’t happening. They were left with no condo and had already committed to a move out date. Now they have to find another place to live as soon possibly and may soon have take the seller to small claims court to recoup expenses related to the buying of the condo that never happened. You can follow the entire story from start to finish below.

Buying a condo update #1

Buying a condo update #2

Buying a condo update #3

Buying a condo update #4

The blog post I didn’t want to write

Blog link roundup

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The Meat of the potatoes

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  1. When it comes to closing on a house, nothing is for certain till you actually sign the papers. For us, it was the closing date, the guy was at our house, but I couldn't close because he did not have the updated papers! (We did close eventually!)

    Thanks for the link love!

    • I remember wondering the day before we were supposed to close on our current house if the current owner was going to block the sale. There were some issues over a couple of appliances that were left in the house that I thought were resolved but apparently were not. We did end up closing on the day we were supposed to do so. I would only want to do that about every 10 years or so.

  2. Great round-up of very helpful financial articles! Thanks so much for taking the time to compile this.

  3. Closing on a home can be a nightmare. Just when you think things are in order they want something else or need something you already gave them again. In the process of closing on our home something got reported to my credit in error and guess what they need to run my score again. Wasn't happy until I got those keys and knew it was done.

    Link love is great!

    • Potato Head says:

      I didn't have problems when I closed on my house thankfully, so fingers crossed I get more of the same when I move in a few years. I did have problems on my refinance though, they kept screwing up the numbers and I actually caught errors multiple times. Good to look over stuff before you sign anything!

  4. It is a sad story about GMD losing the condo, but I know they will survive. Thank you for mentioning my post. I really appreciate it.

    • Potato Head says:

      Yea, they will probably find something even better in short order, that's usually how karma works. Keep up the good stuff Grayson.

  5. Moving - and buying a house - is one thing that is fraught with problems and one of the main causes stress. The second house I bought I did all the legal work for and it was my luck that the title was really complicated. In fact I was offered a job by the lawyer when I finally compeleted (we say complete rather than close over here!). Anyway good luck!

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing our story :D I love the title of the post! Girl Meets Shady Seller is a title I would definately use on my blog too ;) Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Potato Head says:

      No problem GMD, was sorry to read about your troubles with the condo but I'm sure you will find an even better one in short order. Hopefully Karma works as expected.

  7. Luckily when we closed on our house, the process was very smooth. There are so many horror stories out there!

    • I have read stories before about people being denied closing on their house for the smallest of details. I guess if you eventually get the house, all is well that ends well. I am glad your closing process was a smooth one.

  8. Luckily everything turned out great for them! Thanks for the mention!
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