The Potato Sack #3 : Toilet Paper Placement and Blog Roundup

The toilet paper placement disputation

It’s the eternal question of paper placement that has perplexed the squatters of the porcelain throne for ages: over or under? This is the very thing being debated right now in a poll over at Punch Debt in the Face (also below). A special Friday edition of “Poll Thursday”. What the what?! The poll consists of three possible choices: paper coming from the top, paper coming from the bottom, and the third choice is -- I don’t care! I, of course, picked … I don’t care. The reason I picked that one is because I really don’t care. When I need to have some special bowel-to-bowl time, I am not that concerned about the paper placement. However, I do understand that people have ended up divorced over trivial things such as toilet paper rolls and whether the lid is left up. For this reason I know discussing toilet paper may be considered a tad personal for some of our readers. To those readers I say...use flushable wipes (technically, it’s not toilet paper). They come in a box with a lid and don’t have to be put on a holder. We are all about making our readers lives easier at M&P.

Blog link roundup

Debt Roundup is giving us some last minute fathers day gift ideas.

My2centopinion is giving us some tips that can simplify our financial lives.

The Money Principle is letting his U.K. readers know how to take advantage of falling home insurance premiums.

Eyes on the Dollars reminds us to always be aware of our complete financial picture.

The Frugal Guru Guide explains how you could needlessly waste money on getting "the best" college education possible.

Budget & the Beach is giving our community some link love and greetings from Detroit.

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance gives us a collection of links designed to help make us more money.

PT Money gives us some ridiculous things people did to save money in college.

Happy Simple Living tells us an easy way to make your own healthy sweetener at home.

Retireby40 reminds us to start saving for retirement when we are young.

Monster Piggy Bank lets us know what is a good budget when buying birthday gifts.

Enemy of Debt goes over the pros and cons of renting and/or buying a house.

Punch Debt in the Face is trying to figure out everyone’s toilet paper placement preference.

This that and the MBA tells us how to avoid his previous money mistakes.

Money and Potatoes gives us an idea how much relationships can cost you.

Money Beagle lets us in on a very deep conversation he had a with a contractor.

Money Watch 101 lets us know how to start a money club.

Daily Money Shot fills us in on some of her job history.

L Bee and the Money Tree takes a break from personal finance and shares a photo shoot.

Three Thrifty Guys has a two part series on how to start a coin collection.

Man vs Debt is not having a very good first two weeks of June.

Yakezie is getting technical and letting us know how to set up RSS email delivery.

The meat of the potatoes

Once again there was a great amount of personal finance articles to choose from and I had fun compiling them for the blog roundup. Please let us know your thoughts on the articles chosen below in the comments. We also ask that you be on the lookout for a writing contest that we will have in the next few weeks. We are still deciding what topic to use for the contest and will let you know what it is as soon as we have it figured out. We can tell you now that the prize will be a $50.00 Amazon gift card (only valid in the actual Amazon forest on Wednesdays). We will be posting the five finalists (assuming we get that many) for everyone to choose from and then will announce the winner at a later date. Cheers.

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  1. I personally don't care. I just want there to be toilet paper close by. I have a roommate in college give me a hard time about which direction I put the toilet paper. I didn't care, and told him to change it them. It takes all of two seconds.

    • I have also have had a roommate before who mentioned the placement of the toilet paper. I was young so I probably mismatched his socks in his dresser or cut his shoe laces so they would break when pulled. I just can't put up with requests as obtuse as that.

  2. Ha ha! Well I think it should come from the top over the front of the roll but I certainly wouldn't see it as a divorce issue. Thanks for the mention as well!! Hope we entertain and inform!

  3. I am in the "over" camp, and I found this topic hilarious! Thanks SO MUCH for including Happy Simple Living in your roundup. Great article!

  4. The article was fun to write and I am glad you enjoyed reading it. :)

  5. Thanks for the shout-out.

    Don't use flushable wipes with a septic even if they're labeled septic-safe. Neighbors learned that the hard way!

    • Yeah, that sounds like some good advice. They might dissolve in water but it can take a little bit of time to happen. I am glad that we don't have a septic system to deal with. I have always heard that the maintenance cost on them is very high.

    • Potato Head says:

      Another septic tip, don't use the Blue toilet bowl cleaning pucks if you have a septic. They can kill the bacteria in the septic tank, hindering the septic process

  6. I dont really care as long as its there when you need it and its not the cardboard type. I dislike people you will just leave the roll instead of putting more out. Great list of reads from last week.

    • I agree, there are certain products where being cheap could end up costing you in the end (pardon my pun). I usually try and buy the high end store brand of TP so it isn't the "cardboard type" and is at least 2 ply for added protection. :)

  7. Can't say I would care that much about how the toilet paper is on the holder. I think if people really argue about that, they might need a hobby.

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