The Potato Sack #6 : Win Our Writing Contest & Blog Link Roundup

Friday August 23rd is the LAST DAY to Submit Your Article for Our Writing Contest!

The Potato Sack 2 - Girl Meets Shady Seller and Blog Link Roundup

You might have noticed that we are running a little writing contest on what you do to save money during summer. We would like to remind you that as the winner you will not only get exposure for your site on M&P, Twitter & Facebook, but you can call yourself an actual award winning blogger!  All properly submitted entries will be posted on M&P and the top three articles will win an Amazon gift card.

1st place  prize  -  $50.00  Amazon gift card (digital delivery)

2nd place prize  -  $25.00  Amazon gift card  (digital delivery)

3rd place  prize  -  $25.00  Amazon gift card  (digital delivery)

Just to clarify, your article doesn’t need to be about this summer can be any summer you saved money. You could even write about how a friend, relative or minor acquaintance saved some money during the summer at some point in their lives (yeah, we are giving you some creative writing rope). You could even do a theoretical summer savings plan that you have been wanting to initiate but haven’t been able to do yet. So get writing! Use your imagination and win a free gift card!

You can submit your article by clicking here and filling out the contact form. Remember to put “Writing Contest August 2013” in the subject line.  Good Luck!!


Blog Link Roundup

Dough Roller gives you 5 places that you can stash your cash to get the highest returns.

Enemy of Debt goes over a few of the taxes and fees that are tacked onto hotel rooms in various cities that you might not be aware of.

Five Cent Nickel explores some of the ways that volunteering and helping others can actually help out you.

Money Beagle tells us why you are just wasting time making time for people who can’t make time for you. (Say that three times fast)

Money Q&A has a weekly podcast on taking control of your retirement and leaving nothing to chance.

The Simple Dollar explains that the easiest way to save money might be to change your zip code.

See Debt Runs goes over the benefits of doing some extensive research before buying a new car.

Happy Simple Living is giving away some back-to-school lunch bags from Recycled Reflections.

Three Thrifty Guys lets us know how some of the money saving tips and tricks learned during the Great Depression could still apply today.

Budgets are Sexy gives us 10 things that you can get for free that you might not have known about.

Debt Roundup blogs about some tips for working parents that could help them find more balance in their lives.

Kraft Cents tells us about 5 things we could be doing right now to save up $10,000 in the future.

Man vs Debt brings up the idea of pursuing what you love in life instead of just what can make you the most money.

Pro Blogger throws caution to the wind and jumps into being a writer.

Money Principle gives a nice review of their personal investments.

Tech GYD gives us 30 useful codes that Android device owners should have.

WiseBread goes over the pros and cons of Trader Joes vs. Costco.

Mo Money Mo Houses offers 4 tips on how to quickly land that dream job you have been after.

I Heart Budgets wants to know if you can pass the cash gut check.

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance  gives some good advice on how to save for the birth of your child.

Frugal Guru Guide shares some advice on where to best use coupons.

Monster Piggy Bank has some tips and tricks on how to save money for a house.

Pension Retirement goes over the ins-and-outs of the Vermont State Retirement System (VSRS).


The meat of the potatoes

This is our first writing contest and we are looking for as many people to participate as possible. If you like that we have linked to your blog in a previous roundup or just like reading M&P, we would appreciate a mention on your blog. We thank you in advance for any assistance that you might provide in getting the word out about our contest.  We couldn’t do any of this without you.  Thank You!


Extra Gravy

Ranker - This site gives you a nice list of items or services that you can do without. You also get to vote on the things that you probably will be able to cut out and see how they rank.

Avast - I recently did an article on things that you might be paying for but really shouldn’t be and one of them that I listed was antivirus. I neglected to include one of the very best freebie antiviruses available. Avast offers FREE streaming updates--and that is something that many others don’t offer (for free).

Amazon Cloud Player App - You can play your freebie music downloads from Amazon on your iphone or ipad (or Android device) with this nifty little app that is also free to download. If you have never used the cloud player before, it also lets you play the music by logging into Amazon and playing online or you can download the player to your computer and play your songs whenever. The only catch is you always need a Wi-Fi connection for it to work.


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About Zimmy

Hello, my name is Zimmy (I am the one on the left) and I will be one of the resident bloggers on, I would like to introduce myself. I am a married father of two and live in a modest house in the great state of Texas. We have a great need in our household to manage our income wisely because only one of us can work full time due to both of our kids having special needs. Over the years I have been called “cheap” and a little “frugal” by my wife and I have to say I resemble those remarks.


  1. Thanks for the links, I am in good company.
    krantcents recently posted...5 Things to Do Now to Save $10,000+ LaterMy Profile

  2. Thank you for including Matt's article about parenting and priorities. I really appreciate the support. Also, thanks for showing me about Ranker. That is cool.
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted...Happily Ever After? Five Things Every Young Couple Needs to Know About DebtMy Profile

    • Yeah, someone sent an email to us asking if Ranker could be in the next roundup so I included it. I was actually having some fun with it yesterday. It is a cool website.

  3. When are you having writing contest this yer. I want to participate.
    Michael recently posted...How Much Money Should Your Blog Make?My Profile

    • Potato Head says:

      Not sure yet Michael, been really busy with some other stuff so the blog has taken a backseat at the moment

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